Thursday, 5 February 2009

BFF1: Still in London

I was supposed to be writing this from the opening night of the 59th Berlin Film Festival tonight. But no. After a week of weather-related travel chaos due to heavy snow on Monday, airports were back on schedule today, and the weather wasn't too bad. Alas, shortly after I made my way through security, a plane was stranded on the taxiway with mechanical problems, diverting incoming flights to other airports and leaving all of us stuck. They tried to put me on the next flight - and the one after that - but everything ended up being cancelled, and they eventually sent me home.

So I can't make any comments about the glamour of the red carpet on opening night (the film is The International, which I was supposed to see on Monday but the London screening was cancelled due to the snow).

On the other hand, I was out last night at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards, which was very glamorous, star-studded and great fun too. I plan to have some photos and commentary soon - watch this space.

Anyway, I'll be back at the airport first thing in the morning. But I'm more than a little nervous about reports that it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Sigh.

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