Tuesday, 2 August 2011

On the road: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Steve Carrell and Julianne Moore, with the help of a witty and astute script, lend this comedy a surprising weight. Even as the story's farcical elements escalate (including two huge coincidences and a few corny characters), there's a serious, moving undercurrent that makes the film genuinely soulful. So amid some snappy humour, there are moments that are riotously funny, cute, sweet and even heartbreaking.

Carell and Moore beautifully underplay their characters, which makes them extremely believable and sympathetic, even when they do something awful. And the actors around them are terrific as well, including Ryan Gosling against type as a hilariously slick womaniser who finally meets his match in Emma Stone. The film is packed with clever moments, smartly directed in a way that lets the film slide effortlessly between silliness and emotion while never abandoning the realistic characters. In fact, it might be a bit too good for mainstream audiences to embrace. Although stranger things have happened.


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