Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Critical Week: Meryl's sex tips

UK critics were screened quite a sequence of big name movies over the past week (comments are embargoed on most of them), including Meryl Streep's post-Oscar role in Hope Springs, about a middle aged couple (she's married to Tommy Lee Jones) trying to put the zing back in their wedding. It's nice to see Hollywood dealing with the sexuality of characters who are over 50 for a change. Also on the sex theme, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy star in Hysteria, a livelier, sillier comedy about the development of the vibrator in Victorian England. And a much more serious romance was Now Is Good, with Jeremy Irvine and Dakota Fanning.

Action-wise, we were finally screened Chris Nolan's trilogy closer The Dark Knight Returns, an epic novel of a movie that takes awhile to sink in. It's certainly not a fluffy, fun summer blockbuster! But it's an amazing film that will no doubt dominate box offices for months to come. We also caught up with another Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie, Premium Rush, in which he plays a bike messenger caught up in a whizzy series of action set pieces. More independently, I saw the micro-budget British ensemble comedy Turbulence, a charming film about struggling musicians trying to save their local pub. And I caught the small, uneven American drama La Mission, starring Benjamin Bratt as a macho homophobe who simply can't cope with his son's sexuality.

This coming week, we'll be seeing the Sundance winner Beasts of the Southern Wildthe British brotherly WWI drama Private Peaceful,the ghostly British horror When the Lights Went Out, the Jurassic Park-alike The Dinosaur Project, and the cooking doc El Bulli: Cooking in Progress. And of course it's only 10 days until the Olympics!

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