Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympics Day 6: Golden boy

Today was Britain's most successful day so far, medal-wise, with a series of gold and silver triumphs across the Olympic venues. Chris Hoy won his fifth gold medal as competition kicked off in the velodrome (I can't wait to get in there myself next Tuesday morning!), the kayaking pair Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott delivered gold in an adrenaline charged slalom and Peter Wilson won the double trap shooting event. 

It was pretty nonstop, actually, as the British fans screamed themselves hoarse while the media worked itself into a lather. And rightly so, as by the end of the day Great Britain had moved from 12th on the medals table to fifth place.
One of my favourite news stories broke yesterday and was all over today's papers with photos of London Mayor Boris Johnson dangling over the Victoria Park Olympics Live site, where a zip-line stunt went awry. As he called for help, waving his UK flags, everyone stood and laughed. They also snapped photos which have been doctored all over the internet. You can even buy "dangling Boris" earrings!

My day was pretty busy, as I headed out to our newsroom in Limehouse for a work shift, got involved in a radio programme discussing doping issues and tried to keep track of the results as they poured in. Then I headed into the West End to visit the Global Coaches House, a fascinating venue where coaches past, present and future can gather to escape the Games madness and share their experiences. I'll be out and about tomorrow as well.

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