Saturday, 1 August 2020

Exhibition: Got to Keep On

The Design Museum takes a trip into Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers with a new immersive exhibition that runs from now until February. While there's plenty of music, the focus is of course on the design - of the offbeat technical equipment, concert imagery, album art and video clips. There are three experiential pieces along the way: a 3D Kraftwerk film, a sound and light sculpture by 1024 architecture, and a frankly awesome full-on sound and light experience centred around the Chemical Brothers' Got to Keep On (above). Each of these is visceral and riveting.

In addition to Kraftwerk and the Chemical Brothers, the exhibition includes an outrageous "imagined" studio by Jean-Michel Jarre and sections exploring the evolution of electronic instruments as well as global rave culture. There's a wide range of musicians and artists represented, and a lot of technical expertise as well. It's all accompanied by a pulsing curated soundtrack, plus plug-in spots along the way for more specific grooves.

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Note that this exhibition follows Safe and Sound safety procedures during the pandemic. 

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