Saturday, 4 October 2008

Critical Week: Screen goddess

Sorry this is late this week - I am in the middle of an annual vortex where the London Film Festival, Raindance and my regular work all collide and send my life completely out of control. I saw 13 films this week. But easily the most fun was last night at Raindance, where I attended a screening of the British zombie-rockabilly mash-up Flick, attended by most of the cast, including movie legend Faye Dunaway, who was clearly loving every minute of being here (and being in such an outrageously silly movie).

Raindance is the big independent movie festival here in London, and it continues through next weekend. Meanwhile, press screenings started for the 52nd London Film Festival (15-30 Oct). And I also saw several films that will open over the next few weeks, including big tickets like Inkheart (a lively fantasy with Paul Bettany, Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren, Jim Broadbent); High School Musical 3 (Zac Efron and gang are back for more colourful choreography); Burn After Reading (the Coens' latest comedy of idiocy); and Eagle Eye (Shia LaBeouf's latest action thriller). There have also been a lot of smaller things from countries like Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Korea.

This coming week will carry on the globe-hopping, with more festival films from all over the world, plus mainstream releases like the animated comedy Igor, the British drama Summer, the sci-fi adventure The Mutant Chronicles and the fantasy film City of Ember. I'll also try to get back on schedule here - and of course during the London Film Festival this blog will go daily. Exciting, eh?

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